"The Aquarium of the World": Sea of Cortez  

 More than 900 fish species, 32 types of marine mammal, blue whales, gnarled humpbacks and grey whales are seen here.

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Ecosystem  

A World Heritage Site containing most of the over-wintering sites of the eastern population of the monarch butterfly.  Millions of butterflies arrive in the reserve annually.

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Understanding U.S.-Mexico Economic Ties  Forbes (US)

Dos marcas de origen mexicano le 'pegan' al 'muro' de Trump  El Financiero (Mex)

Tesoro Mexicano  La Razon (Mex)

​Is The Next Shale Boom About To Unfold In Mexico?   Oil Price  (US)

Mexico City’s Tech Scene is Booming, and Here Are 3 Reasons Why  creator (US)

'Chicharito' Javier Hernandez completes hat trick with stoppage time winner for Bayer Leverkusen  SB Nation  (US)

Gran talento mexicano destaca en Boston  El Universal  (Mex)

Impresiona chilanga a la ONU  Reforma

Engineering graduate numbers ‘triple in Mexico’  Times Higher Education  (UK)

KIND founder: Mexican immigrant and successful CEO  CNBC (US)

Who Is El Santo: 6 Fun Facts About Mexican Wrestler Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta  International Business Times

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Datebook: ‘Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950’ at Philadelphia Museum of Art   Blouin Art Info  (US)

​De Kahlo à Rivera, la peinture du Mexique au Grand Palais à Paris    5' minutes..lu  (Luxemburg) 

Obama galardona a estadounidenses de origen mexicano  Aristegui Noticias  (Mex)

Proposed “border city” between US and Mexico solves many problems at once  inhabitant  (US)

Pieces to the Puzzle: Brandon Zambrano and Rey Ortiz living a dream   The Beacon  (US)

Teodoro González de León, Evocative Mexican Architect, Dies at 90  The New York Times

Meet The Booming Design Practice That's Transforming Mexico City   Fast Co Design  (US)

Jessica Alba: "I'm Proud of My Diverse Heritage"  ​Jessica Alba, Popsugar (US)

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Take an Exclusive Look at Mexico’s First Overwater Bungalows   Architectural Digest  (US)

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​7 Reasons Tulum Should Be Your Magical Next Trip  Huffington Post  (US)

​From a cave of giant crystals in Mexico to the grass bridges of Peru: 6 world wonders you've never heard of   Independent (UK)​​

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​​Trump Foundation looks like a personal piggy bank  Adam Chodorow, Slate

El día siguiente  Hector Aguilar Camin, Milenio

Campaña de votación en Estados Unidos (y cómo derrotar a Trump)  Jessica De Alba Ulloa, Excelsior

Para alusiones nacionales Federico Reyes- Heroles, Excelsior

Trump vs. Clinton  Sergio Sarmiento, Reforma

Hillary Won the Debate. What Does That Mean for Hillary?  Josh Voorhees, Slate

​​Trump-Clinton: incertidumbres y muros reales e imposibles  Jose Carreño Carlon, El Universal 

Ella ganó la batalla  Ana Maria alazar, El Financiero

México, perdedor del debate  Leo Zuckermann, Excelsior

Peña&Trump: ¿y si más que error fue apuesta?  Salvador Garcia Soto, El Universal

​¿Quién ganó en las redes?  Alonso Cedeño, El Universal

What Can Mexico Do About Trump?   Eduardo Porter, New York Times

Donald Trump blew it. But will voters take any notice?  Richard Wolffe, The Guardian

​At the First Presidential Debate, Hillary Proves She’s Got This  Michelle Goldberg, Slate

Mexico is not just “taking jobs” from the US. It’s also adding them  Ana Campoy Quartz

Ella, en Presidenta  Yuriria Sierra, Excelsior

El primer debate  Leopoldo Gomez, Milenio

​In The Debate Donald Trump Was Simply Wrong About VAT And Mexico  Tim Worstall, Forbes

How to Beat Trump in a Debate  Jim Newell, Slate

The Future of the U.S. Economy Lies in Mexico Conor Sen, Bloomberg

Trump vs Clinton, primer round  Leon Krauze, El Universal

Nada del otro mundo  Jorge Catsañeda, Milenio

​Conflictos de interés de Donald Trump   Andrés Oppenheimer, Reforma

Lunes de terror  Gabriel Guerra, El Universal

Debate popular, candidatos impopulares  Hector Aguilar Camin, Milenio

Would Trump’s border wall even be legal? (Hint: No.) And how would he make Mexico pay for it?  Geoffrey A. Hoffman, Salon

President Trump’s First Term Evan Osnos, The New Yorker

Cuatro Ciénegas 

protected biological reserve of small ecosystems white dunes and many wetlands with fauna, flora and bioforms unique in the world. 


The Cave of Crystals  ​​

Cueva de los Cristales is a cave approximately 300 m (1,000 ft) below the surface that contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found formed.

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Cascadas de Agua Azul 

Inspiring waterfalls – the turquoise-blue waters of this waterfall and river are one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls.

Mexicans have so much to be proud of.  Our culture, language, history and traditions are not only rich, full and unique but also fascinating and beautiful.
We are hard-working, decent, friendly, caring, happy people that embrace family unity, respectfulness and generosity. 
We are creative and entrepreneurial with original ideas that enrich and positively contribute to the community.  
We understand our strengths and weaknesses, support each other during the tough times and know how enjoy life during the good ones.
We are open and grateful for any chance that is given to us. We know that understanding where we come from will help raise our future and make a difference. 
We are proud of our heritage and culture!!! 

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Highlighting Successful Mexicans & Mexico’s Global “Soft Power” - its cultural, economic & social presence around the World.

Copper Canyon 

Barrancas del Cobre is a group of canyons in northwestern Mexico larger and portions deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  The walls of the canyon are a copper/green color, which is where the name originates.

La Musica Rompe Fronteras 
La música de estos mariachis une México y Madrid 

Vicente Fernández: un corrido a Hillary Clinton

Mexicans Making America Great For Decade

Today's - General Election Poll Average  Real Clear Politics

Clinton  43.6 % (+2.2)

Trump   41.4 % 

Cenote Ik Kil  

Sacred to the Mayans and the Mayans Cenote Ik Kil is 60 metres (200 ft) in diameter and about 40 metres (130 ft) deep, open to the sky with the water level about 26 metres (85 ft) below ground level.  

US Presidential Elections Latest Polls

Wall Street Journal                  Sept. 22

Did you Know? 

Huasteca Potosina 

 Beatiful Huasteca region seen as never before

Islas Marietas - Marietas Islands

Uninhabited islands with crystal clear waters, white sands, spectacular beauty - one of the few ecological refuges on the planet.


 Beautiful Mexico - Natural Treasures Videos 


See just a little taste of the many beautiful and rich natural treasures Mexico has to offer ​​​

Clinton & Trump Tied In Swing States   

Mexican-American Cultures

Blending, enriching & growing

Stronger together 

Thursday, September 29

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Trump's 'incredibly misleading' claim on Mexico  CNN Money

Gary Johnson blunders again: ‘I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment’  Politico  

Donald Trump Struggles to Deal With Debate Loss  Time

Clinton feels the pressure  The Hill

Clinton puts Trump on defense at first debate  CNN

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Post-debate poll: Hillary Clinton takes round one  CNN

The Mexican Peso Says Hillary Clinton Won the Debate  Fortune

First debate a pivotal moment for Clinton and Trump  The Washington Post

Cash pours in despite Mexico’s presidential troubles  Financial Times

Presidential Debates Will Be a Major Influence for a Third of Voters, Poll Says  Wall Street Journal

Poll: Clinton and Trump in dead heat heading into first debate   Politico

Election Update: The Case For And Against Democratic Panic  five thirty eight

New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton  Politico

A Trump Victory "Will Be A Disaster" For Mexico, Retired Top U.S. Diplomat Says  Forbes

What Hillary Clinton Told Us About Mexico And The Political Power Of Young Latinos  Huffington Post

Election Update: The Top ‘Must-Win’ States For Trump And Clinton  five thirty eight

Migration: A Crucial Force for Development and Global Integration   Huffington Post

Ford CEO fires back at Donald Trump on jobs to Mexico  USA Today

'President Trump' would cost U.S. economy $1 trillion  CNN

​​Hidden Costs of a Possible U.S.–Mexico Trade War  Wharton Business School​​

Fact Sheet: United States-Mexico Relations  The White House Office 

Mexico: US neighbor, friend, ally, and third-largest trading partner.  

US - Mexico relationship

has never been more important.

Tecate Ad 

 Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a Beer Wall aired minutes before First Debate 

State Polls                                      Sept. 26



​Trump     37%

Clinton    42%

Mexican cuisine 

One of the few recognized & protected by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage   

Did you know? 

Some economic facts about the U.S. - Mexico Relations​