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​​​​​Month December 2016 ​​

Saturday, December 31
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mexico  Inside-mexico  (US)

Friday, December 30

Thusrday, December 29
The little-known link between Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle and the Mexican Revolution  - pri.org​l  (US- Global)​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Wednesday, December 28
​Tuesday, December 27
Top Ten Mexico Stories of 2016  Travel Agent Central (US)

Sunday, December 25

Saturday, December 24
Thursday, December 22

Monday, December 19
The Best Mexican Cooking Classes in Mexico City - delicious dishes & world best street food The Culture Trip (US)​​​

Sunday, December 18​​​​​​​​​

​Saturday, December 17
Migrantes que triunfan en Estados Unidos - El Universal (Mexico)  

Thursday, December 15
Birding in Sonora, Mexico  The Daily Courier (US)

Wednesday, December 14
Best Bites 2016: Mexico City Culinary Backstreets (US)
Pilgrimage with millions of attendees in Mexico  Deutsche Welle  (Germany)

Monday, December 12

Sunday, December 11
Visit to Mexico's Basilica unforgettable   The Californian  (US)

Friday, December 9

Thursday, December 8
The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Mexico   The Culture Trip  (US) 

House Hunting in ... Mexico - New York Times (US)
City Portrait: Mexico City Garden and Gun (US) 
Monday, December 5
The Best Things To See & Do In Oaxaca State  - The Culture Trip  (US)

Sunday, December 4

​​Friday, December 2
More Development Comes to Southern Baja California Coastline  The New York Times  (US)

Thursday, December 1​