Beautiful Mexico - Videos   

State of Yucatan

Uxmal - Zona Arqueologica / Ria Lagartos - Reserva de la Biosfera / Las Coloradas / Celestun - Reserva de la Biosfera / Cenote Chi Chí de los Lagos - San Andrés Tuxtla 

State of Veracruz

Reserva Ecológica Nanciyaga - Catemaco / Peyote de Pájaros / Roca Partida - San Andrés Tuxtla / Zona Arqueológica del Tajin - Papantla / El Salto Eyipantla - San Andrés Tuxtla

State of Coahuila   

Sierra de Arteaga - Sureste de Coahuila / Sierra La Encantada - Noreste de Coahuila / Boquillas del Carmen - Ocampo / Cuatro Cienegas - Reserva Natural / Desierto Blanco - Cuatro Ciénegas

State of Chiapas

Cascadas Las Nubes - Maravilla Tenejapa / Palenque - zona arqueológica /  Montes Azules - Selva Lacandona / Lago Pojoj - Lagunas de Montebello / Cañón de Sumidero - Parque Nacional

State of Sonora  

Cañón de las Manos Pintas, Cucurpe - Ruta de las Misiones /  Alto Golfo y Delta del Rio Colorado - Reserva de Biosfera / Punta Perla - Isla del Tiburon / Puerto Lobos - Caborca / El Pinacate y Gran Desierto del Altar - Reserva de Biosfera

State of Chihuahua

​​El Desierto de Samalayuca - Ciudad Juarez /  La Cascada de Basaseachi - Barrancas del Cobre /  El Divisadero - Barrancas del Cobre

State of Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua - Cascadas Petrificadas / Ex- convento de San Juan Buatista - Coixtlahuaca - Ruta de los Dominicos / Capilla Abierta - Ruta de los Dominicos - San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula / Ex-convento de Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán - Ruta de los Dominicos / Monte Albán - Zona Arqueológica ​​

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​​​Mexicans Making America Great For Decades

The Truth About us

11th largest economy in the World, 14 million of US jobs depend on trade with Mexico, 40 cents of each dollar of goods US purchase from Mexico is American content, 35 million of Mexicans & Mexicans Americasn living in the US - 80% are legal residents or American citizens 

Colors of Mexico 

Au Mexique c'est tout simplement paradisiaque !!  - 

Mexico simply heavenly !!

Mexico is within the Top 10 world's tourism destinations

2015 more than 32 million international visitors.


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Mexicans have so much to be proud of.  Our culture, language, history and traditions are not only rich, full and unique but also fascinating and beautiful.
We are hard-working, decent, friendly, caring, happy people that embrace family unity, respectfulness and generosity. 
We are creative and entrepreneurial with original ideas that enrich and positively contribute to the community.  
We understand our strengths and weaknesses, support each other during the tough times and know how enjoy life during the good ones.
We are open and grateful for any chance that is given to us. We know that understanding where we come from will help raise our future and make a difference. 
We are proud of our heritage and culture!!! 

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