Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Ecosystem  

A World Heritage Site containing most of the over-wintering sites of the eastern population of the monarch butterfly.  Millions of butterflies arrive in the reserve annually.

Videojuego basado en la cultura Tarahumara para PS4, Switch y Xbox One en el 2018

Tuesday, December 12, ​​​​​2017

Islas Marietas - Marietas Islands

Uninhabited islands with crystal clear waters, white sands, spectacular beauty - one of the few ecological refuges on the planet.

US TV show The Balancing Act airs special episode "Viva Mexico!!" 
Takes viewers to beautiful Mexico, the world's 8th most popular tourism destination
Pedro Infante  
 100 años de un icono mexicano
Mexicans & Mexico in the News​​
US - Mexico relationship has never been more important.
Why Mexico​​

Las Coloradas- Pink Lagoon  

This rosy lagoon is so pink, seems from a fairy tale, however its  unique color comes from tiny marine microorganisms. Las Coloradas pristine beaches are protected as part of the 150,000 acres of the Rio Lagartos Biosphere.

Mazatlan poised for the spotlight - offers the charm & history of Mexico & the country's iconic beach life - Travel Weekly (US)

Many Americans call the Mexican basketball league home - ESPN (US)
Video: Se tiñe Bellas Artes de 'Rojo mexicano' - de México a los lienzos de los grandes de Europa - Reforma (Mexico)

Coco success in China has opened a gateway between 2 of the most rising countries in the world -  Nan Jinger (China)​

Tambien las mujeres tenistas reconocen el torneo de Acapulco como el mejor de categoría 500 de la WTA - Forbes (Mexico)

Nets thrilled to be in Mexico to host Thunder and Heat - News Day (US)

Elvia Carrillo Puerto, ‘La monja roja’ que logró el derecho al voto femenino en México - El Pais (Spain)

Coco' and its strong cultural ties to Mexico pays off for creative team - Los Angeles Times (US)

​​Erik "el Terrible" Morales ingresará al Salón de la Fama del Boxeo - Milenio (Mexico)

Unveiling "A World of Its Own" campaign - 2017 saw 11% increase of Canadians visiting Mexico  - Travel Pulse (Canada)​

5th edition of Mexico City's Material Art Fair Will Sport New Venue, Enlarged Exhibitor List for 2018 Edition - Artnews (US)

Cabo Del Sol one of Mexico's best golf destinations - Golf Channel (US)

Amalia Pérez gana oro en Mundial de powerlifting - en natación Mexico obtuvo 6 medallas (Mexico)

Médico mexicano derriba fronteras entre sirios e israelíes - Excelsior (Mexico)

9 motivos para ir y volver a la ciudad de Puebla - Matador Network (US)

La Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara la mayor cita editorial en español supera 800.000 visitantes - El Pais (Spain)​​
Mexicano crea endulzante que previene la diabetes y las caries - El Universal (Mexico)

Agustin Carstens, new chief of the Bank for International Settlements, will make fintech & digital money top priorities -Bloomberg (US)​​

Our first trip to Mexico was so amazing it opened the way for many happy returns — and a new world of travel LA Times (US)

Cascadas de Agua Azul 

Inspiring waterfalls – the turquoise-blue waters of this waterfall and river are one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls.

​Message from Taleb Rifair World Tourism Organization  
"Mexico is a world of its own, is the future, you have a great country & must be proud of it.

Sumidero Canyon - Cañon del Sumidero in Chiapas

One of 7 World's natural wonders. Surrounded by a national park, running the Grijalva River in vertical walls as high as 1000 meters the canyon also has thirty rapids, waterfalls and beaches. 

Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara
 El mayor festival literario del mundo
Did you Know? 
6,000,000 US jobs depend  on Trade with Mexico

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​​Mexican humor ..... just the most ingenious ​

Tri y Aficion unidos en homenaje a las víctimas y damnificados de los Sismos ​ 
Mexico con el puño en alto - #FuerzaMexico

Copper Canyon 

Barrancas del Cobre is a group of canyons in northwestern Mexico larger and portions deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  The walls of the canyon are a copper/green color, which is where the name originates.

México A World Of Its Own -
México un Mundo entero por sí Mismo 
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Mexicans have so much to be proud of.  Our culture, language, history and traditions are not only rich, full and unique but also fascinating and beautiful.

We are hard-working, decent, friendly, caring, happy people that embrace family unity, respectfulness and generosity. 

We are creative and entrepreneurial with original ideas that enrich and positively contribute to the community.  

We understand our strengths and weaknesses, support each other during the tough times and know how enjoy life during the good ones.

We are open and grateful for any chance that is given to us. We know that understanding where we come from will help raise our future and make a difference. 

We are proud of our heritage and culture!!! 

Read some inspiring success stories!!  and remember to share your story.  

Many more Stories coming soon!​​

México Vivelo Para Creerlo -
Mexico Live It To Believe It

Cenote Ik Kil  

Sacred to the Mayans and the Mayans Cenote Ik Kil is 60 metres (200 ft) in diameter and about 40 metres (130 ft) deep, open to the sky with the water level about 26 metres (85 ft) below ground level.  

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The Cave of Crystals  ​​

Cueva de los Cristales is a cave approximately 300 m (1,000 ft) below the surface that contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found formed.

Mexico !! 
 the country you thought you knew

Highlighting Successful Mexicans & Mexico’s Global “Soft Power” - its cultural, economic & social presence around the World.​​​

Some facts of each US State commercial relationship with Mexico 

No se pierde la esperanza de encontrar ‘La mesa herida’ cuadro de Frida Kahlo que desapareció hace 60 años - El Pais (Spain)

​TV show The Balancing Act Show Viewers the Magic of Mexico world's 8th most popular destination - PRNews Wire (US)

​Nets can't say enough good things about Mexico City "food always good, great culture. the arena my mouth dropped"-NY Post (US)

Avocados From Mexico - which represents Mexican growers that supply 80% of US market- Returns to Super Bowl AD - Variety (US)​

'Shape of Water' from Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro leads Critics' Choice nominations with 14 - USA Today (US)

Google Doodle celebra a Elvia Carrillo Puerto, defensora del voto femenino - Excelsior (Mexico)

Embracing the Mexican Weddings tradition of the Callejoneada - music, drinks and celebration - Dujour (US)

‘Wings of Mexico’ that have travelled around the world now descending in Kuwait - Kuwait Times (Kuwait)​​

Nominan a Isaac Hernández como Mejor bailarín en los premios "National Dance Awards" del Reino Unido - El Universal (Mexico)

​Coco the story set in Mexico, about Mexican characters & culture & box office success now looking towards a big awards- Syfy (US)​

La flor de Nochebuena, regalo de México para el mundo -Aristegui Noticias (Mexico)

Cuatro imprescindibles de Chiapas - Milenio (Mexico)
Poinsettia: Mexican Christmas Flower - History and Legend of the "Flor de Nochebuena" - Trips Savvy (US)

​Why Mexico should be your team at the World Cup — even if you're a USMNT - Yahoo (US)

Mexico guide: Most popular destinations and why you should go - Stuff (New Zealand)

"Los Modernos. Dialogues France/Mexico" exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon - e-flux (France)​​​

Mexico City’s fine-dining movement - raising the metropolis’s cuisine to the next levelWall Street Journal (US)

Escape to Mayan Enchantment -the Riviera Maya offers over 40 of Mexico’s most unspoiled beaches - Huffington Post (US)​​


We are Proud to be Mexicans 
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Mexico: US neighbor, friend, ally, and third-largest trading partner.  
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La mentirota de los "bad hombres"  Juan Pablo Becerra, Milenio

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La prensa no es el enemigo  Jorge Ramos, Reforma

México no está solo en la amenaza comercial de EU  Enrique Campos Suárez, El Economista

Cuatro Ciénegas 

protected biological reserve of small ecosystems white dunes and many wetlands with fauna, flora and bioforms unique in the world. 

Revillagigedo National Park   ​
Largest protected marine park in North America (14,808,780 hectares)
​'Football has no borders'
 Nike commercial featuring Eduardo Reaza - lives in Juarez goes to High School  in El Paso

Huasteca Potosina 

Landscapes,  lush vegetation, rivers,  spectacular waterfalls, caves and deep abysses.  An ecological paradise offering a variety of ecotourism attractions and outdoor adventure.    

En pocas palabras 
"Simply said profoundly ​

Holbox, Isla Mágica - Magic Island

Flamingos and pelicans and Located on the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. is home to flamingos, pelicans, herons. and other rich birdlife.  Beloved by bird nerds for its population of exotic avian life.